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Success starts with an IT Assessment


Call it "security awareness" or "securing the human." Your people are integral to the security of your computing environment.

Simple but often overlooked: security-minded processes are essential to your business. Call it "uncommon sense."

Every device in your computing environment is working for or against your security. Is your technology friend or foe?

IT Security

Securing your digital assets requires efforts around people, processes and technology.

At Stalwart, we work hard to understand the unique requirements of your business to customize the right solution for your computing environment.

Managed Services

We don't know why so many providers think that "managed services" means taking over your business, but our cooperative model is something entirely unique in the industry. We can extend your IT capabilities without extending your staff.

Cloud Solutions

Sure "cloud" is all the rage, but what can it offer your business? We can help you manage the complexity of a cloud transition, whether that means public or private cloud, and even if you need a hybrid environment.

Secure IT Architectures

We believe that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your digital assets require a security-first mentality every step of the way. It's never too late to get the foundation of your network wired for security.

What our clients say...

Stalwart's value to us, simply, is great service for a reasonable price.

Paul Brooks, Ahold Information Services


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What did top-shelf customer-loyalty firm Walker Information find when surveying Stalwart's clients over the last eight years? 100% of them said they will pick Stalwart to do their next applicable project. That's why we're glad to put you in contact with any of them.

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