Bringing Clarity to the Cloud

You need a guide to find the right combination of cloud services, and you need someone who has your back when there's trouble.

Whether you need public or private, total or hybrid, Stalwart's secure infrastructure expertise and focus on your business mean you leverage the cloud instead of wandering in the fog.

IT Assessment

What was the last IT decision you made that was proactive, carefully researched and with a quantifiable ROI? In most businesses that's just not how IT works - but it can be. Let one of our virtual-CTOs come in, understand the role of IT in your business, document your current practices and policies and develop a strategic plan and roadmap for getting things on the right track.

An assessment is the best place to start to take control of your IT environment and get it working for your business rather than against it. At the conclusion of our assessment, you'll have a customized strategic plan with concrete, prioritized steps you can take toward a secure and reliable computing environment.


Assessment Scope

  • Business-critical applications
  • Email, collaboration and file sharing
  • Voice and video
  • Desktop (local and virtual)
  • Servers (physical and virtual) and storage
  • Anti -malware/-spam/-virus
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Mobile device management
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Support and trouble-ticket management

Stalwart has set the bar so high for the competition that I doubt any can clear it.

Cloud Services Brokerage

Has the promised convenience of cloud just created headaches for you? Many companies, tired of dealing with multiple cloud vendors and the inevitable finger-pointing when something goes wrong, are turning to cloud service brokerages for help. Whether you're using one cloud service or ten, Stalwart can provide a single point of contact with responsibility for the services you rely on.

SaaS, IaaS, and SECaaS

Here's just a small sampling of the cloud solutions we're able to provide.

Security and Compliance

Moving to the cloud can't mean losing control of your digital assets and forgetting about regulatory obligations. Guided by our security expertise, your business can transition the right assets, to the right cloud, the right way.


Hybrid IT Solutions: Public, Private, On-Premise

Not ready to move everything to the cloud? Few enterprise companies are. What you need is a company with the infrastructure expertise to help you develop secure and reliable hybrid architectures that leverage the advantages of cloud computing, while mitigating the risks to your day-to-day business operations.