Advanced Threats Advanced Response

Today’s advanced persistent threats require special forces to combat.

We'll get in the boat with you to understand your computing environment and your business.

And we'll bring the specialists.

A happy client once called us "the Navy SEALs of the industry." We do not pretend to make the same kind of sacrifices our United States Armed Forces do. They are the real heroes, but we are honored by the comparison.

U.S. Special Forces use small, elite teams to address specific threats. Likewise, our approach is not overwhelming numbers, but careful strategy and skillfully-executed tactics. Today's advanced persistent threats call for nothing less.

Security Architectures

Protecting your computing environment starts with some often-neglected basics: infrastructure that is securely architected and configured; a realistic, business-oriented view of risk; and focusing your attention on simple measures around the people, processes and technology you already have in place. Crafted together, what emerges is a plan that will reduce risk to an acceptable level while expending the appropriate level of resources to do so.

In our experience, organizations rarely take an end-to-end view of their security architecture and even more rarely include network and system considerations in the process. Many security consulting companies say "security architecture," when what they really mean is "more security widgets." We've found that a much more successful approach is to organize the people, processes and technology you already own more effectively while introducing new security widgets only when the business requirements mandate.

Key Items to Consider

Managed Security Services

Okay, you bought the equipment. Now what? Many of our clients had previously been sold security hardware and software services only to find they lacked the resources needed to manage and interpret the data they provide. Stalwart's managed security services engineers can help your internal IT staff by providing customized monitoring, reporting and even incident response.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Consulting & Toolsets

Stalwart is uniquely able to help craft and deliver policies and processes that help folks meet regulation and compliance concerns. We understand how IT works within the context of the business it supports and can help articulate and automate those processes that will effectively and efficiently reduce cyber-risks. Our team can help yours develop the tools needed for successful GRC workflow and adaptation.

Assessment Services

Stalwart provides its clients with comprehensive security assessments, customized to the needs of their businesses.

  • Wireless hacking
  • Social engineering (voice, technology and physical)
  • Physical compromise
  • External/Internal penetration testing

Security Starts Somewhere

You know cyber security is important, but in the absence of regulations, where do you start? We recommend the SANS Top 20 as a great place to begin your security strategy and are ready to help you with implementation. These controls alone can be up to 97% effective against the most common threats your business will face.

Risk Analysis

Some firms look at the security solutions you don't have, so they can figure out what to sell you. At Stalwart, we look where your risks are and determine how those specific risks can be mitigated most effectively. We help you devote your resources to the areas where they will be most effective.

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Scope of Services

  • Custom APT development,
    testing & analysis
  • Web application security assessments
  • GRC process and tool development
  • Security strategy
  • Architecture consulting