Secure IT Architectures

They need it to work. You need it secure.

Our security and infrastructure experts can help you with both. With only so many resources to put to security, it’s essential yours are best positioned to reduce real risks.


Core Networking Solutions

Anyone can do routing, switching and wireless, right? Wrong. Too many businesses trust network architectures and upgrades to IT partners who lack the necessary security expertise to do it right. Network stability and security rely on a solid foundation that comes from our "security of everything" approach to infrastructure.

Infrastructure Architectures

  • Routing and switching
  • Wireless
  • Firewalls and security appliances
  • Cloud computing (and hybrid)

Why Not Just "Infrastructure" ?

What's the point of saying "Secure IT Architectures" when you could just say "Infrastructure?" At Stalwart, we believe that the security, confidentiality and availability of your digital assets requires a security-first mentality every step of the way. Network security is an oft-overlooked area of focus, and one that we'll help you think about proactively, from the first stages of design until the finished implementation.

Right the First Time?

This doesn't just apply to our implementations, but to our project planning and budgeting as well. We keep projects on-time and on-budget by scoping them correctly the first time, rather than coming in low to win your business and later sending a steady stream of change-orders and price-updates your way.

Data Center

The data center is central to your organization's ability to meet demands for system availability, asset utilization and security. Increasing regulatory requirements, a global operating environment and empowered users require additional agility within. With some of the most advanced solutions on hand and brilliant minds on staff, Stalwart works to ensure the protection of your data at every point.

It's great when you can work with a firm that exhibits expertise, professionalism and flexibility.

Converged Communications Services

Stalwart can provide the design, deployment, and project management services necessary to prepare your network to handle voice, video and data over one high-speed platform, helping to enhance efficiency and business value.

Solutions Include

IP Contact Center Unified Communications
Unified Messaging Real Time Collaboration
Desktop Video

Mobile and BYOD

In the modern office, everyone wants to bring their own device and expects it to perform all the functions needed for their work. Stalwart can help you enable your users while keeping your network secure.

Network Integration

Campus LAN, WAN and Wireless. When it's time to upgrade or expand your campus and local area networks, Stalwart can help you maximize the effectiveness of the networking infrastructure that connects your employees to the applications and data they need to do their work. Our wide area network integration services focus on application performance optimization to help you optimize the performance of your TCP-based applications operating over a WAN environment.